How much is a mobile application worth?

To have the most approximate data, various aspects must be considered, all related to how complex you want your App. Among the questions to determine the cost of your App are the following:

– Type of App (Native, Hybrid, PWA)

– Operating Systems of the App (Android, iOS or Both)

– It will have an Administration Panel

– What technology will it integrate (Login with networks, geolocation, augmented reality, etc.)

– Online Services (uber eats)

The cost varies based on your requirements and the complexity of your idea, we invite you to read our article How much does it cost to create a mobile App? where we dedicate a complete article to this important topic. You can write to us to start the quotation process for your project.Contact us

Who are your clients?

In all of our mobile app development we start by maintaining the confidentiality of each of our services, however to clients who by strategy decide that their information is public, you can request the client portfolio to show you and make a brief explanation of the applications their functions and success of each. Request Portfolio

What is the process of developing my mobile application?

  • Mobile app development quote.
  • Authorization of the proposal.
  • Signature of the contract.
  • Advance payment and invoice issuance.
  • Information gathering
  • Prototype presentation
  • Coding.
  • Tests.
  • Delivery.
  • Maintenance.

What is the testing phase like?

In the testing phase we will provide you with a real demo of the application in google play and in the apple connect store, this will help us to test each module of your application and we can have a feedback for the necessary adjustments.

What is the approximate time of a mobile application?

The time varies based on the requirements, on average an application takes us to develop it approximately 30 business days per Operating System (Android and iOS), sometimes we can take much more time, everything will depend on the complexity of each case.

What payment methods do you use?

Based on the Indian tax law we can receive payments by:

– Electronic Transfer

– Check

– Paypal

– Western Union

– Money Gram

What payment plans do you offer me?

Currently, financing is always sought in 90% of projects, which is why we determined to support new businesses and startups. The payment plans active at this time are detailed below:

1- 30% Advance

2- 40% in the middle of the project.

3- 30% when publishing the app in the Google play or Apple store as the case may be.

When hiring us, is a service and confidentiality contract signed?

In our developments for your security and ours, we sign a service and confidentiality contract for all the management of the information that is shared when creating the mobile application, as well as to guarantee the times and economic and technical agreements that we will send you in the final proposal.

Delivery and release of the App?

In this final stage, you are given all the source code, documentation and technical and user manuals. Normally it is delivered 7 days before the official launch.

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